Meet Patricia

Patricia Wenskunas is the Founder/Chair of Crime Survivors PAC and has gained national renown for her tireless advocacy on behalf of the victims of violent crime. Crime Survivors PAC has a mission to elect leaders to public office who will stand up to criminals and stand up for crime victims.

Ms. Wenskunas is driven by her own personal experiences at the hands of a vicious assailant in her own home on April 4, 2002, and the humiliation and injustice she experienced at the hands of the criminal justice system. In both instances, Ms. Wenskunas fought back and prevailed. It was through these tremendously negative experiences that she found her courage and her voice, and has used them both to help others to be transposed from victims to survivors ever since. Ms. Wenskunas was one of the early proponents of California’s Victims’ Bill of Rights known as “Marsy’s Law,” a state constitutional amendment that was passed into law by California’s voters in 2008. Intended to help re-balance the scales of justice so that survivors and the families of murder victims would have rights too, “Marsy’s Law” is now part of the California State Constitution, as well as certain sections of the state’s Penal Code.

Patricia has found success as the owner of Creative Coordinating, a catering and event planning company. Her culinary artistry and event planning expertise has helped to make the firm one of Orange County’s leading catering and event planning companies.

Ms. Wenskunas remains passionately involved with victims’ rights issues and is an acknowledged spokesperson who is frequently sought out to deliver awareness on a host of issues through presentations for church groups, high schools, forums, women’s groups, victims’ organizations & law enforcement agencies. Patricia has paved the way for victims of violent crime to truly survive and thrive. Today she forges ahead fighting and championing for victims when they don’t have the strength to do it on their own. She has truly become a voice for the voiceless.

The statement that guides Ms. Wenskunas’ life is simple: “With Faith, there is Hope.”